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Speaker Information

Opportunities to Participate

Technical Presentation: Presentations are usually between 10-20 minutes long, with an additional 5 minutes for Q&A with the audience to finish. Content should be specialized and highlight cutting-edge research/academic advancements and technology applications. The format should be a technical overview of your work, any challenges you have overcome or useful insights into your progress, and any real-world examples or demonstrations of technology applications.


Startup Session: An opportunity for emerging and rapidly growing startups to showcase their work in a 10-15 minute presentation with the addition of a 5 minute Q&A session with the audience. Similarly to the above, this should be technical and include real-life examples of the application of technology. It must not follow the format of an elevation or marketing pitch.


Panel Session: This discussion session takes place on the main stage for 25-45 minutes, including 2-4 panelists and a moderator. Panels can hear different perspectives on one key topic area for a more precise and more rounded overview from the participants and open out to the audience for questions. They are incredibly insightful for a controversial or current newsworthy topic.


Fireside Chat: The opportunity for the audience to discover more from one pioneer in the field with a 1-to-1 interview-style discussion between a leading figure and a moderator on their work or their thoughts on a specific area for 20-40 minutes.


Demonstrations: Similarly to above, this is a chance to show your product/service with a real-time demonstration while answering questions the audience wants to hear while not having an option to have the audience participate themselves. This is an excellent opportunity for a new product release or interactive software such as facial recognition.


Technical Talk: With a format similar to the main agenda presentation, a workshop allows for a more extended session for a more detailed talk focusing on niche areas of the technology, methods, and tools used. This can also include a Q&A to encourage engagement with the audience.


Panel Session: Similarly to the main agenda, a workshop panel session includes 2-4 panelists and a moderator for a session lasting anywhere between 30-45 minutes. A workshop session's advantages mean this can be on a niche topic area or more focused on the audience engagement with Q&A's being more comfortable to conduct to a smaller audience.


Topic Introductions: These are a popular session to open the workshop track, allowing people new to the technology to ask experts questions to gain a basic understanding for them to get more return from sessions over the two days. This can include a presentation overview with an open floor to ask any audience questions.



As a Speaker

Speakers have to register and get one extra complimentary pass to attend all tracks at the event for the full duration. Each summit includes a hot buffet lunch, refreshments, and networking events. Additional opportunities are also available to speakers, consisting of a recorded interview, professional photographs, and more. These are all subject to availability.


"Reforma event" cannot cover travel and accommodation costs for speakers.