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Speaker Guidelines


There are numerous ways to participate as a speaker, including a presentation, joining a panel discussion or hosting a technical session, or joining a virtual summit or webinar. You can find further information on the format of these here.

The Reforma Event Team carefully curates the agenda for each conference and personally invite experts in the field to share their knowledge, although we always welcome proposals and suggestions.


We invite solution providers or those looking to promote their products/services.

Speaker Topics

  • Regulation of Artificial Intelligence: East/South Asia and the Pacific

  • Intelligent chips to enable artificial intelligence.

  • AI-enabled future Industries

  • AI future of institutional investing.

  • An intelligent connecting new world, Intelligent driving new era.

  • 5G Network intelligence and automation.

  • Securing the Digital Economy.

  • Data Intelligence, Infinite Future.

  • Global Industrial Intelligence.

  • AI Healthcare: Intelligent Connectivity, Shared Health.

  • AI female elite forum - her intelligence · AI power.

  • AI + Public Health: Intelligent Health, Shaping a Shared Community.

  • Sensing World.

  • AI Governance : Develop Responsible AI.

  • Smart agriculture, bright future.

  • Disruptive AI startups-Global Landscape.

  • Ethical Dimensions of Using Artificial Intelligence in Health Care.

Please read the speaker-related FAQ before submitting it.